Hello person looking at this site on the Internet.

I'm Scott Stamile

a front end web designer and developer

looking for work in the fine suburbs of long island NY.

Blending technical development knowledge with a passion for great design— I build beautiful high preforming websites using current techniques in design and code.

Responsive Design

The web is inherently flexible, I design sites that embrace it's unique characteristic and look perfect on all devices. Just because it's called a page doesn't mean we have to lay it out like one.

Easy to Maintain

Probably too much of my attention goes into indention, commenting, and managing white space. I think it's worth it. I guess I'm an unapologetically verbose commentor.

Performance Focused

With mobile users bouncing on a longer then 5 sec load time; I design the simplest solution that will achieve the clients goals. Writing clean code and shaving down every last bit (not literally, that would be crazy) and HTTP request to make sure things run super snappy.

Kinda Crazy Organized

I'm a big believer in the GTD method of managing tasks and projects for years i've been using OmniFocus, a task management app that uses the GTD technique. Keeps things organized and moving forward.

Languages and tools I like to work with

Front End Languages

  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • Markdown
  • sass + compass

Tools I think are pretty great

  • Photoshop (obviously)
  • Sublime Text
  • Github
  • Textastic for iphone

Back end stuff too

  • php
  • git
  • Wordpress
  • Jekyll (a static CMS)
  • apache
  • mysql
  • linux servers
  • learning ruby

projects I've worked on